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Terms & Conditions

Any of the four (4) Memberships Allows You to Receive Services Provided at one of the BodyFree Esthetics LLC locations, Subject to All BodyFree Policies, Rules and Limitations. Membership Entitles Member To One o More Sessions Per Month, Appointments Will Be Scheduled Based On BodyFree Availability, For Total Areas (Area S = 25 points, M = 50 points, L = 75 points, XL = 100 points) Depending on the Points Corresponding to the Membership You Acquired: Silver Membership 50 points / month; Gold membership 150 points / month; Platinum Membership 250 points / month; Black 350 points / month. Your Membership Does Not Give You Rights In BodyFree, Its Administration, Ownership, Or Operation. BodyFree may sell memberships at different rates and terms than yours, any offer to provide a membership at a rate different from the indicated price, or waive any rate, it will only be offered and approved by the regional partner of BodyFree Esthetics LLC, who must provide A Signed Form Acknowledging Such Changes or Exemptions. The Member Understands and Accepts That A BodyFree Membership Is A Member's Choice And Does Not Provide Any Special Rights. If The Member Does Not Use His Membership By Booking Treatments Or Using Services, BodyFree Will Not Assume That The Member Wants To Cancel The Membership. Failure to use a membership will not entitle you to a refund.

Once subscribed in one of the Memberships, the customer (now Member) will begin to accumulate the respective points to the membership that The Member chose.
Points will be automatically updated after each monthly charge. The Member will be able to do use of the points that The Member has available, and will not be able to do a session on areas that exceed the equivalent value in points. In the event that The Member cannot show up to the appointment in any month, this will not affect their score, and The Member will be able to use the accumulated points as The Member wishes.
As a Monthly Member, BodyFree Will Allow A One-Time Transfer Of Your Membership From Your Current Location To Another As Long As You Are Up To Date With Your Monthly Dues. Members Are Eligible For Only One (1) Transfer Per Membership Year Without Being Subject To A Fee. After the First Transfer, If The Member Is Still Within One Year Of Membership, All Subsequent Transfers Will Incur A $ 49.00 Transfer Fee, Regardless Of The Reason For The Transfer. If A Member Opts For The Transfer, The Member May Be Subject To The Rates And Fees Associated With The New Location, At The Sole Discretion Of The Regional Partner Of BodyFree Esthetics LLC.
Members May Not Assign Or Transfer Their BodyFree Membership For Any Reason. Any Attempt To Assign Or Transfer A Membership Will Result In The Loss Of Membership Rights.
Current Members Are Not Eligible To Participate In Any Promotion Offered By BodyFree. Each and every promotion is available only to non-members.
Your Membership May Be Frozen For Verified Medical Reasons Only At The Time Of Pregnancy, Illness, Injury, Or Medical Condition. Member Must Provide Medical Documentation From Licensed Physician. Your Freeze Will Be Limited To The Time Indicated As Needed By Your Doctor, Up To A Maximum Of Three (3) Months. Your Monthly Fees Will Automatically Reset At The End Of Your Freeze And Will Be Billed To Your BodyFree Registered Account Unless You Cancel Your Membership Or Get BodyFree Written Approval For A Longer Freeze Time. In The Case Of Pregnancies, Pregnant Members Are Eligible For A Freeze Of Up To One (1) Year, Provided They Have Submitted The Corresponding Documentation.
In The Event That The Month Corresponding To The Session Has Not Registered The Payment Of The Fee, and the Member has not accumulated Points in The Account, The Session Will Not Take Place Until Its Payment Situation Is Regularized and the Member Have Available Points Again.

    BodyFree Reserves The Right To Terminate Any Membership At Any Time, For Any Reason Deemed Harmful To BodyFree, Its Staff, Or Other Membership, As Determined By The Regional Partner Of BodyFree Esthetics LLC. If BodyFree Decides To Cancel A Membership, The Member Is Prohibited From Entering Any BodyFree Location And Is Restricted To Communicate Only By Email And Telephone. BodyFree Will Not Issue A Refund For Any Part Of The Membership, Regardless Of When The Membership Was Terminated.

  2. 2. NO SHOW
    Your Appointment Hours Are Specially Reserved For You And You Understand That BodyFree Requires A Twenty Four (24) Hour Notice Before Your Appointment To Cancel Or Reschedule. You Understand That You Will Incur A 50 Point Automatic Late Cancellation Fee For Your Appointment Following The Absence. The Member must Confirm the Notice By Email Sent To, or by WhatsApp to the Corresponding Number. Member Must Receive Notice Of Response Accepting Cancellation. The Late Cancellation / No Show Fee will be Automatically Discounted to the Account Associated with Your Membership. BodyFree May Discount This Fee At Any Time After Cancellation Or No-Show, And BodyFree Specifically Does Not Waive The Right To Discount This Fee If BodyFree Does Not Discount It Immediately.

    Points will be accumulative; If A Member Does Not Complete All Points With The Areas That His Membership Allows, The Remaining Points Will Keep In Your Account, And Will Be Able To Be Used In Subsequent Sessions.

    Members Are Responsible For Updating Payment Information As Soon As It Changes. Payment Is Considered Late, Including, But Not Limited To, Any Dishonored Debit And / Or Declined Credit Card Charges. You Understand That You Have 15 Days To Resolve Any Outstanding Balance Or Your Membership Will Be Canceled. If A Member's Membership Has Been Terminated Under This Section, Or By Member's Choice, The Member Must Be Up-To-Date And In Order With His Account. If the Member Chooses To Join Any BodyFree Location, They Will Still Be Up To Date With Their Fees, Prior To The BodyFree Branch Transfer.
    If For Any Reason The Membership Is Cancelled (Stop Payment each Month), It Will Be Considered as Finished, Then, If the Client Want to Retake The Treatment, Must To Pay The Enrollment Fee Again.
    In The Event That The Member Wishes To End The Membership, Or That Their Subscription Is Canceled Due To Some Circumstance Alien to BodyFree, The Client (Who Ceased To Be A Member) Will Have 3 Months After Their Last Payment To Use The Remaining Points (If The Client Still Have Points Available In The Account).

You Understand That Your Membership Is Enrolled In The Monthly Automatic Payment For Which Vagaro (Software Used By BodyFree Esthetics LLC to Manage the Memberships Charges and Appointments) Will Handle All Payment Processing. You Hereby Authorize Vagaro To Charge Your Designated Credit Card On A Monthly Basis For The Purpose Of Paying Such Fees. You Understand And Accept That It Is Your Responsibility To Maintain An Active Credit Card With Sufficient Credit Available For Your Monthly Payment Registered At BodyFree Every Month. The Member May Appear At Their Session Only After Collection Has Processed.
BodyFree May, From Time To Time, Make Changes To This Agreement Other Than Your Guaranteed Monthly Membership Fee. Guaranteed Monthly Membership Fees Will Remain Until You Cancel Your Membership. If A Member Terminates Or Terminates Their Membership For Any Other Reason, the Members Will Be Subject To New Rates If They Choose To Join BodyFree Again.
Occasionally, BodyFree May Want To Post Member Photos Before And After To Show Progress And Services On BodyFree's Social Media Apps. Member may or may not authorize such use of photos, videos, or other forms of media. BodyFree will previously consult the Member if they want to grant authorization, and must sign the Social Media Consent Form.


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